Visions of riding a Harley fill many a riders’ heads and hearts. If you have ever dreamed about riding a Harley, I need to tell you that there is a new way to ride that just plain fits.


72 or 84 month financing? For a motorcycle?

Well, I suppose 6 or 7 years goes by pretty quick. Just ask my wife. But when it comes to paying for my motorcycle, I just can’t see it. As I said, I’m married already.

Yep. There is the allure of that monthly payment on those longer term loans, but let’s face it: every few years, I am going to want a change, or at least I want to have the flexibility to make a change. And I really don’t want the hassle of having ‘more loan’ than Harley when I want to trade. I just want to do it, and not lose any money.

Riders agree, but what alternatives are available now?

Fury Motorcycle has developed a robust true leasing solution for the pre-owned Harley market. Its called the Test Ride lease:

- Leases are 2, 3, and 4 years

- No mileage restrictions.

- Low to no down payment

- Low monthly payments

The end result is a customer riding on the Harley of his dreams free from any obligations.

The Test Ride lease fits me perfectly:

- It fits my budget.

- It fits my trade cycle.

- And most of all, it fits my passion for freedom from obligations.

The leasing solution was developed at Fury Motorcycle in 2013 and is now being implemented for our 2014 selling season!

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